About Harmony Arts

Harmony Arts offers Indian dance classes, workshops and creative projects online and in the community in Surrey & Sussex. Our work enables people to connect with their inner voice and express it through dance and song

Harmony Arts is part of the growing movement of practitioners offering dance and music for emotional, psychological, and therapeutic benefits.

About Indian Dance

Where song & dance come together as your moving voice. Indian Classical Dance integrates stylised movement with theatre, set to a rich tapestry of melody and rhythm. Classes draw inspiration from stories, poetry, songs & prayers from around the world.


About Sarra

I have a background in the storytelling tradition of South Indian Classical Dance, Bharatanatyam. At 23, before the internet and mobile phones I went to South India on my own to find an Indian dance teacher. Kalamandalam Sumathy in Kerala welcomed me into her home where I stayed and learnt the first dance steps. This was the beginning of 10 years of training in India and in London.

She is also a natural voice practitioner and part of Songlines Health Choirs who share the power of singing to uplift and enrich lives. See website here